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Husky Cart

There is Costco in Japan but It's far from Tokyo, isn't it? Why don't you order for delivery.

This article is recommended for people like this.

  • Costco is far from where who live
  • Who want to try costco item before becoming a member
  • Who doen't have a car

Official Costco Online has few products, high prices and slow delivery so I recommend Husky Cart!

What is Husky Cart


Husky Cart is shopping & delivery service that handles Costco products in Tokyo.

What's amazing, they are Same-day delivery!

FYI the CEO of Husky Cart seems to have worked for three years at honestbee, which was famous for delivery such as National Azabu, Presse, and DEAN & DELUCA.

How to use

It's very simple to use.

First of all, access the Website below then register as a new member. It's free and no membership fee. after that, you can put your favorite products in the cart and order!

Official site


You can choose the delivery time as you like.

How much is it

Very cheap, only 500 yen. The breakdown is 250 yen for shopping and 250 yen for shipping.

They are also promoting like all item 10% off, fee is free ...etc

Available area

Tokyo is Shinjuku, Chiyoda, Chuo, Koto, Minato, Shibuya, Meguro, Setagaya, Shinagawa, Ota Ward. Kanagawa is Kawasaki and Saiwai Ward of Kawasaki city.

At first it was only Minato and Shibuya Ward but the area is gradually expanding!

What kind of products are available

Handle all categories from household items to groceries. I confirmed that they have 1633 products on website now.

There were also many popular Costco products!


There is only Husky Cart that Costco products same-day deliver with cheap in Tokyo.

It's so convenient so I've become a heavy user lol

Thank you so much for reading. Have a wonderful day guys!

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