You can now order National Azabu with the delivery app Wolt!


Do you know the international supermarket "National Azabu" located in Minami-Azabu, a high-class residential area in Tokyo, which also carries Costco products?

National Azabu carries daily necessities and food from all over the world, and although the prices are higher than those of major supermarkets, there are many products that you have never seen before.


Just looking at them makes shopping fun!

National Azabu also sells some Costco products, so I will introduce them this time!

And from 2022, it will be possible to order products from National Azabu and Costco through the delivery service Walt.

If you have not used Walt yet, please download it from the link below and try using it.

Wolt ウォルト:フードデリバリー/食料品や日用品も

Wolt ウォルト:フードデリバリー/食料品や日用品も

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It is recommended that you can order not only food and daily necessities but also food from famous restaurants!

National Azabu store overview

Store nameNational azabu
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone numberTEL : 03-3442-3181
Business hours09:00〜20:00
Affiliated store・National azabu
hiroo garden hills
・National denen

Parking discount information

Basic fee: ¥500/30 minutes
(Free up to 15 minutes for customers only)
Free service for 60 minutes with purchases of ¥2,000 or more
Free service for 90 minutes with a purchase of ¥5,000 or more
*Parking beyond the service hours will be charged at the base rate.

A long time ago, National Azabu partnered with Honestbee, a shopping agent concierge, and offered a divine service of delivering National Azabu products in as little as an hour.

Now the service called honestbee has withdrawn from Japan, but a similar service "Huskycart" has appeared instead!

Husky Cart
Costco Grocery Same-day Delivery in Tokyo, Japan|Huskycart


It seems that there is also a delivery service for National Azabu itself! Click here for details

Inside view

The product price tag is written not only in Japanese but also in English. This is because it is located in the Azabu/Hiroo/Denenchofu area, which is a high-class residential area where many foreigners live.

When I actually shopped in the store, about half of the customers were foreigners.


While in Japan, I felt like I was overseas (laughs).

Costco products sold at National Azabu

At the entrance of the store, toilet paper and kitchen paper, which are Costco's most popular products, are sold separately!

In addition, the Costco products sold at National Azabu were mostly daily necessities, and in food, overseas sweets such as "RAYS CLASSIC" were also sold.


I also found Costco's tomato medley!


When I checked it carefully, there were surprisingly a lot of Costco products (laughs)

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You can now order National Azabu products at Walt!


Wolt is a food delivery service that originated in Finland in Northern Europe.

Currently, it has become a world-famous delivery service that is deployed in more than 23 countries around the world!


It is also famous for TV commercials in Japan!

Walt has started a partnership with National Azabu, and from Tuesday, June 29, 2022, you can order National Azabu products through the Walt app!

Wolt ウォルト:フードデリバリー/食料品や日用品も

Wolt ウォルト:フードデリバリー/食料品や日用品も

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Only now, if you order National Azabu products from Walt, they are offering a discount campaign of 99 yen for the delivery fee!


It's a great deal, so if you haven't used it yet, please download the app and see what kind of products are available!

I myself have used Walt about three times in the past to order Costco products.

Below are the reviews from that time!

[Price comparison] Wolt is Costco grocery delivery expensive?



How was the National Azabu introduced this time, where some of Costco's products are resold?

The area is limited to Azabu, Hiroo, and Denenchofu, so if you don't live nearby, we recommend using Costco's delivery service!

The original Japanese article is below.