The official complete guide to the Costco delivery service "Husky Cart"


This is the official complete guide to the Costco shopping & delivery service "Husky Cart".

We will introduce everything from how to use to advantageous promotional information!

What is Husky cart?

Husky Cart is a shopping delivery service that specializes in Costco products that are mainly active in Tokyo.

Available to non-Costco members!

The Husky Cart is used in the same way as a general online supermarket, but it specializes in Costco products.

Husky cart Operating company

Operating companyHuskycart LLC
Date of establishmentMay 2, 2022
Capital1 million yen
Address2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
CEOKen Nobukawa
Business content・Shopping agency business
・Planning, production, sales, distribution, operation and management of EC (electronic commerce) sites and other various websites
・All businesses incidental to the preceding items

How to use / Order flow

The following usage methods are described on the homepage.

From here, I will supplement it to make it easier to understand for those who use it for the first time.

New member registration

First, register as a new member.

Email address verification is required. Please make sure to use the registered email address as you will receive order confirmation emails.

Add your favorite products to cart

Add your favorite products to your cart.

We have prepared useful functions such as categorization, search, and price/popularity order, so please make use of them.

Decide how to deal with out-of-stock items (cart screen)

After moving to the cart screen, select the part surrounded by a yellow circle. If the ordered item is out of stock, it will be handled by Husky Cart.

There are currently 4 types.

  • Cancel
  • Substitute (no call)
  • Substitute (call)
  • Substitute (text)

"Cancel" means that if the item is out of stock, the item will be canceled without contacting you.

"Substitute (no call)" will be changed to something similar to the out-of-stock item without contact. If there is no similar one, it will be canceled. This is recommended for repeaters.

"Substitute item (contact required)" will contact you at your registered phone number if there is an out-of-stock item, and you can ask for a replacement item.

"Substitute item (text)" will contact you at your registered phone number with texr. if there is an out-of-stock item, and you can ask for a replacement item.

Select delivery date and time

You can choose the delivery time in 1 hour increments!

Select payment method

Finally, decide how you will pay.

The details of each payment method are explained below.

Confirmation of e-mail after ordering/shopping

An email will be sent to the registered email address after ordering and after completing the shopping.

After ordering, check that there are no mistakes in the order details, and after completing the shopping agency, check what products are out of stock and the price!

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Payment method

There are 3 types of payment methods below.

・Credit card payment
→ Corresponding brands are VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Amex

・Cash on delivery
→Cash payment at the time of delivery

・Credit on delivery
→ At the time of delivery, you can pay by credit card with the same compatible brand as credit card payment. It also supports PayPay, LINEPay, and Quick Pay. Please check here for more details.

Number of products handled

As of November 2022, there are 2124 products available.

Since it is updated at any time, you can also purchase new Costco products. You can also send a request for additional products to the list by contacting us.


Only ¥800

Other than that, it doesn't cost anything. Also, there is no charge for the first order!

Service area

The current service available areas are as follows.

Tokyo:Shinjuku-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Chuo-ku, Koto-ku, Minato-ku, Shibuya-ku, Ota-ku, Meguro-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Setagaya-ku
Kanagawa-Kawasaki-shi:Kawasaki-ku, Saiwai-ku, Nakahara-ku
Kanagawa-Yokohama-shi:Tsurumi-ku, Kohoku-ku

We are expanding our area!

Advantageous campaign information

Costco shopping delivery service "Husky Cart" offers great promotions.

In the past, promotions such as 10% off all products and free commissions were held during the period.

Check below for the latest promotions.

promotion page

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You can get a discount coupon according to the usage amount!

The total amount of past orders (after June 17, 2022) is now displayed in My account.

  • It is not the total amount at the time of ordering, but the total amount after the shopping is completed.
    (* It will be reflected after delivery is completed.)
  • When you reach a certain point, a discount coupon will be given to your account.
    (* The gauge will be reset when it reaches ¥200,000.)

You can check the discount amount of coupons that can be obtained at certain points from My account.

Invite your friends and get a discount coupon!

You can send an invitation link to your friends from My Account > Invite Friends.

Invited side: If you register from the invitation link and enter the invitation code when registering as a new member, a discount coupon of 500 yen will be given to your account.

Invited side: If a friend who has registered as a new member by entering the invitation link and their own invitation code places a new order, a discount coupon of 1,000 yen will be given to their account.

*In order to prevent fraudulent activities, we will invalidate or delete coupons for friend invitations from the same person and same address, or invalid orders.

June 8, 2022 | Set minimum order amount when placing an order

From June 8th, 2022, if the total order amount does not exceed the minimum order amount of 5000 yen, you will not be able to place an order. (The agency fee, delivery fee, and tips are included in the calculation.)

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

June 11, 2022 | Fee change

We changed the fee on June 11, 2022.

Previous fees
Current fee
Shopping fee : ¥250Only ¥800
delivery fee : ¥250(Including delivery)

In addition, due to the influence of the recent social situation and the guarantee of service level, we have also raised the price of some products.

In the future, we are considering implementing price reductions and active promotions as soon as it calms down, so please continue to use "Huskycart". Thank you.

COSTCO delivery service "Husky Cart"

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